Easy DIY

How To Measure

It is important that you ensure that you have the correct measurements to help you select the right size gate for the installation area.

Step 1 – Driveway Width Measurements

At the point where you will be installing your driveway gate, measure the total gap that you want your gate and posts (if required) to fill.

Step 2 – Driveway Height Measurements

Measure the total height allowance of the area to ensure your gate will fit within the available space. If you are planning on hanging the gates from existing brickwork, post or walls measure the height of the brickwork to ensure there is enough room for your gate to hang at the correct height.

Step 3 – Project Area

If you plan on installing more than just a driveway gate, e.g. infill panels and fencing, ensure you measure the width and maximum height of the total project area you wish to fill.

Step 4 – Selecting a Gate

When selecting a gate or fence size, it is important to remember that we use a Gap Width measurement, which is the space BETWEEN the two hinge posts. For example, the Gap Width of Kensington #1 is 3050mm, however if you include 125mm hinge posts x 2, the total width of the gate and posts will be 3300mm and if you include 90mm posts x 2 the total width of the gate and posts will be 3230mm.

Our gap width measurement of 3050mm allows for the hinges and approx. 20mm gap between the two gate leaves.