Turning A Gate Into A Masterwork
High-end quality without the price tag.

Masterworks gates are designed to be tough and secure but aesthetically pleasing at the same time. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a quality, hand-welded product at a fraction of the price of other high end gate brands.

How Do We Create Our Masterworks?

It all starts with high quality steel.

Harder, stronger, and more durable than aluminium, steel is our building block.

We shape the metal to fit its purpose, creating structures that are strong and sturdy, or flexible and robust.

A gate is only as strong as its weakest point, and a real gate should last you a lifetime.

We craft hinge posts to bear many times the weight of our gates using thick sheets of steel.

We build gate frames to be flexible to withstand shatter impacts, but thick and solid to hold their shape over many years in the elements.

Then we weld by hand, anchoring each piece into place to create a single seamless structure with no rivets or faults that would ruin the stylish lines of the gate.

After welding, we galvanise by slowly immersing the entire structure into molten zinc to give the steel its extreme resistance to corrosion.

The final step, is the black powder coating finish.

This creates a second, evenly distributed protective layer around the entire structure that is smoother and thicker than traditional liquid paint and gives the steel its glossy black finish.

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